Can I buy replacement parts?

Yes, you can order replacement parts for your trampoline from us. Even better, we offer our customers a 50% discount, so you buy spare parts for less. That means you can enjoy your trampoline and keep it in optimum working order for even longer.

How much weight can my trampoline take?

The weight on the trampoline at any one time should not exceed 150 kg. If you exceed this, you risk injury, and you could damage your trampoline.

Should I cover my trampoline when I’m not using it?

If you’re not going to be using your trampoline for a long time, you can move it to a place where it will be sheltered. A trampoline cover will protect your trampoline from damage from the sun, but it can also trap moisture on the surface of the trampoline. This can cause sagging and can allow mildew to grow.

How do I look after my trampoline?

You will need to take steps to care for and maintain your trampoline to make it as safe as possible for people using it. Thoroughly check the frame, springs, safety net, safety padding and mats for damage once a month. Keep your trampoline clean and free of debris, and always check it over before each use.