Can I buy replacement parts?

You can order your spare or replacement trampoline parts directly from us. We want to make it easy for you to keep your trampoline in top condition so you can enjoy it for longer. That’s why our customers receive a 50% discount on all our parts. 

How much weight can my trampoline take?

Our trampolines are designed to withstand a maximum weight of 150 kg. Please note that if you exceed this weight limit, you risk injury to yourself. It may damage the trampoline, too.

Should I cover my trampoline when I’m not using it?

We recommend storing your trampoline under shelter during long periods of inactivity. Note that while a trampoline cover can keep your product shielded from damaging UV rays, it may also prevent surface moisture from escaping. In time, this makes the trampoline susceptible to mildew and sagging.

How do I look after my trampoline?

A well-maintained trampoline will help to keep users safe and allow you to enjoy your product for longer. Ensure your trampoline remains free of dirt and debris, and inspect it before every use. In addition, we recommend thoroughly inspecting the spring, safety padding, mats, frame and safety nets for any signs of wear and tear at least once a month.

Should I take down my trampoline shading on rainy and windy days? 

Absolutely. Our trampoline cover is mainly designed to create shade so that your kids are protected from UV rays. It is not designed to withstand strong wind or heavy rain. We recommend taking down your shade on a rainy or windy day, or detaching part of the shade so that water won’t accumulate, as this might damage the cover and the trampoline.