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Our home air track offers the most popular sizes, ranging from 3m, 4m, 5m, and 6m, with thickness options of 10cm and 20cm, making it suitable for training at all levels.


AirTrack is a specialized training surface that functions like a bouncy floor. It is designed for various activities such as gymnastics, cheerleading, parkour, tricking, and performing jumps and flips.

By using AirTrack, you can train jumps and flips with confidence, as it provides a secure landing surface that cushions impact. The mat’s inherent bounce enhances the height and power of your jumps. Additionally, you have the flexibility to adjust the mat’s bounciness by modifying the air pressure. Increasing the pressure makes the AirTrack firmer, while reducing the pressure makes it more flexible and softer. Finding the optimal pressure level is a matter of experimentation.

Moreover, the AirTrack contributes to softer landings, minimizing the risk of major injuries in case a trick doesn’t go as planned. It is important to note that the AirTrack is not designed as a landing mat, so it is not advisable to jump from high places onto the AirTrack.

UPBOUNCE AIRTRACK gymnastics and tumbling mats are excellent options for gymnasts and cheerleaders, offering superior safety during training. With the AirTrack, you can practice tricks, jumps, and stunts at home or outdoors. The versatility of UPBOUNCE AIRTRACK training mats allows you to create your desired setup and commence training whenever and wherever you desire.

These AirTracks are also highly suitable for parkour and tricking training. They provide a safe platform for practicing new tricks without the risk of injury. Due to their portability, you can easily take the mat outside and train in your preferred locations.

Furthermore, these AirTrack mats are well-suited for martial arts training, enabling you to execute controlled rolls and falls with added safety.


When it comes to delivering a superior product, two crucial factors come into play: materials and workmanship. UpBounce air tracks excel in both of these aspects.

  • Materials: Our UpBounce air tracks are meticulously crafted using robust and long-lasting materials with a composite fiber structure. Upon inspection, you’ll immediately notice that our air track is noticeably heavier and feels sturdier compared to other options available in the market. This weight is a result of the material’s thickness and density, contributing to its exceptional durability and performance.
  • Workmanship: We take great pride in the meticulous workmanship of our air tracks. Each air track undergoes a meticulous manufacturing process, featuring hand-crafted seams that utilize the most reliable techniques. Unlike air tracks that are PVC heat welded, which often suffer from leaking seams, our UpBounce air tracks have glued seams. What’s more, the seams are always double-layered, providing enhanced strength and durability.

Choose UpBounce for an air track that stands out in terms of materials and workmanship, offering exceptional durability and performance.


THICKNESS: The 10cm thickness is specifically designed for entry to medium-level users and younger individuals, while the 20cm thickness is more suitable for older users with a medium to advanced skill level.

There is no definitive answer to this question as the choice depends on individual preferences and specific requirements. However, as a general suggestion, it is recommended to choose the 20cm thickness option if any users weigh more than 40kg or if you expect multiple users to utilize it simultaneously.

LENGTH: All the lengths we offer are popular sizes in the Australian market.

In general, opting for a longer or larger size has advantages as it provides more space for advanced tricks, allows for growth, and undoubtedly adds more enjoyment to your activities. However, the ultimate decision depends on the available room size and your budget limitations.

For more advanced users, you can also choose our Air Track Pro series, which offers a wider and thicker option that is commonly used by professional clubs for training.