What do I need to know before I use my trampoline?

Make sure there is a clear area all around the trampoline to account for people mounting and dismounting, or stumbling when they dismount. There should be no foreign objects within 1.5 metres of the circumference, or outside edge, of the trampoline.

The space underneath the trampoline should be kept clear. Do not allow anyone to venture underneath the trampoline when it is in use.

How do I make sure my trampoline remains safe?

You should check the parts of your trampoline once a month to make sure there is no deterioration. If you answer ‘yes’ to any of the following questions, you should stop using your trampoline and seek advice. Your trampoline may not be as safe as it should be, and someone using it could be at risk of injury.

  • Has the frame become bent or unstable?
  • Are any springs broken, damaged or stretched?
  • Are there any punctures, tears or holes in the safety net, padding, mats, tents or roof?
  • Are the safety padding and mats properly positioned and securely in place?
  • Are the stitching and fabric starting to look worn away or weak? Are they showing signs of deteriorating?

How do I ensure everyone stays safe when using my trampoline?

Inspect the trampoline before each use. If any part is broken or damaged, do not use it until you have repaired or replaced it. Make sure the safety padding is securely in place.

Only one person should use the trampoline at a time to avoid collisions, which can result in injury.

Do not use the trampoline straight after eating a meal.

When a user is playing on the trampoline, the zip must be fully zipped up and the bucket secured to keep them safe if they fall.

Always supervise children and inexperienced users while they are playing on the trampoline. Make sure they are jumping safely and are not engaging in behaviour that could cause them injury.

Jumpers should avoid purposely jumping into, or leaning on, the safety net to ensure it stays strong and secure for as long as possible.